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90 Ball or 75 Ball Bingo: Differences & Similarities

90 Ball or 75 Ball Bingo: Differences & Similarities

90 Ball v 75 Bingo

90 ball or 75 ball bingo – that is the question!  At Big City Slots you can play either type of bingo game.  They are both incredibly popular, and each has their own advantages.  If you are new to Big City Slots or bingo in general, we thought we would review each variant for you to give you an idea as to what you can expect.  With our 90 ball or 75 ball bingo tutorial – you will be a bingo master.

90 Ball Bingo

This is commonly known as British Bingo. The reason for this is, it’s the variant you would normally associate with traditional style bingo halls. With this game, there are 3 different winning patterns available. These would be 1 line, 2 lines, or full house.  Every bingo card will have 3 rows and 9 columns.  The first of which will run from 1-9, the 2nd 10-19, the 3rd 20-29 and so on. 

A 1 line win occurs when you score off all numbers on any 1 line on your bingo card whether it be vertically or horizontally.  If you get 15 numbers on one of your card – you will then be a full house winner.  These games can be a little more fast-paced than 75 ball bingo as there is more winning opportunity. 

90 ball bingo is also associated with those tongue-in-cheek bingo calls we have all come to know and love.  They are usually rhyming slang such as: “Two Fat ladies” for 88, or “Legs Eleven” for 11.

75 Ball Bingo

This is commonly referred to as 75 ball bingo.  The reason for this is its popularity in the USA.  The main difference in this game is that there is a winner takes all approach.  The full house winner will take the prize which means the prize pot is normally a bit bigger.  The formation of this variant is different as it is played on a 5x5 card.

Usually, there will be the letters B-I-N-G-O vertically or horizontally to help you locate your numbers more easily.  The bingo caller will call with the line letter such as B-5 – so you can score off those numbers.  This game usually takes a bit longer than 90 ball bingo.  There are fewer interruptions as there is only one winner, and you also need to wait until someone covers all of their squares for the game to be over.  This means if you are bingoing on a budget – 75 ball bingo may be the way to go.

90 Ball or 75 Ball Bingo?

Hopefully, you now have a bit more info than you previously did on the types of bingo available on Big City Slots to allow you to make an educated decision. So what do you think guys – 90 ball or 75 ball bingo?